*Coming soon* New subscription payment portal

Posted by Michael Martin on

Hi guys,

As many of you may be aware, we recently cancelled our subscribers recurring PayPal subscription to the Performance French Cars magazine, this is to make way for a new payment portal we are currently setting up.

We will not go into detail about reasons behind this change, but we can promise it will be better for everyone!

The new payment portal will allow you as a subscriber to manage your own account via our website putting control back in your hands!

Not only will this mean that “you” the subscriber have control over our own account it will allow our team to answer any questions you may have about our subscription more efficiently.

We will be in contact with all our subscribers shortly once the new system is up and running and let you know what you need to do to continue your subscription with us.

 We believe this new system will make thing so much easier for everyone and will be a positive change for the magazine going forward, however we will keep a close eye on it and make any changes necessary.

Thank you for your understanding and remember to stay safe!